I have been a friend of Dan Dolby since we all worked together at Dixon Store Groups 15yrs ago.

He told me back then about this idea of cycling JOGLE in just 7 days with friends and his dad so I followed it with great interest. I had wanted to do it myself but I was a marathon runner and was busy running to London from Sheffield   over 10 days  (9 marathons equivalent )  and then the London Marathon for a charity and many other events over the years.

I then had the opportunity from my boss the Vice Chancellor of Nottingham University to join a team cycling JOGLE in 14 days so I started what I thought was a one off thing. It turned out I did it every year in a different form for the last 7 yrs helping to raise £3 million pounds for medical research which I’m very proud of.

Dan then told me about the 10 yr anniversary of his Dad”s passing was going to be the 7 day challenge so half the time I was used too. I jumped at the chance and also more importantly the opportunity to help another very worthy cause.

It will be a very tough challenge but I know the group well and I think we will have our moments but work together as a team to complete it all.

Steve Wright University of Nottingham

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