John O’Groats to Land’s End

Myeloma-Multiple Miles | 7 Day Charity Cycling Challenge!

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Supporting patients with the blood cancer multiple myeloma

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We are a team of eight recreational cyclists who are taking on the serious challenge of cycling from John O’Groat to Lands End in just seven days. That is almost 1,000 miles.  We start on 20 August and finish on 26 August, just seven days later.

We will be cycling an average of 130 miles each day, with a fabulous support team who will be key to making completion of the ride possible. We are raising money for patients who are affected by the little known blood cancer, multiple myeloma, and their families and carers.

As well as raising funds to provide practical assistance and support to those who are affected, we also want to raise awareness of multiple myeloma. Please spread the word and support us in this major feat of endurance!



End2End: Day 7 – Completed

DAY 7, AUGUST 26: Finished!!! As most of you may already know, on Saturday 26th August 2017, myself and 3 friends completed the 891.8 mile journey from John o'Groats to Lands End. Along the way we climbed 43,651 feet of elevation, burned 34,697 calories and spent over...

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End2End: Day 6 – Completed

DAY 6, AUGUST 25: Today is the penultimate day and it looks as if the Team Basil Skyers End2End Myeloma - Multiple Miles will smash it! Watch out for the Grand Finale 'Live' tomorrow as Sophia Skyers & the team cycle towards the iconic landmark at Lands End. A...

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End2End: Day 5 – Completed

DAY 5, AUGUST 24: Sometimes its hard to imagine that a ride as challenging as this can also be immense fun. But these pictures show that the team is in great spirits as they headed to Bristol yesterday and the final days of the ride. As you can see Sophia Skyers is...

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End2End: Day 4 – Completed

DAY 4, AUGUST 23: This was the longest and most arduous day which included 150 mile ride of The Shap with an elevation 1400ft climb. Weather pretty miserable too with high winds and rain. Everyone is at their limit and then going beyond it. The riders got battered...

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End2End: Day 3 – Completed

DAY 3, AUGUST 22: Another day completed 132 miles and over 5000 ft of climbing. That's almost 400 miles in 3 days. Started in a complete downpour for first couple of hours to Glasgow but it got better. Everyone hurting from late nights & early am starts now....

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End2End: Day 2 – Completed

DAY 2, AUGUST 21: REALLY tough! Bikes failing! riders falling & hurtin! 8500ft of climbing! 132 miles! and a 10pm finish! A lot of very very tired people tonight including ma gal who have cycled 252 miles competed in 2 days. All heroes, with massive hearts, I...

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End2End: Day 1 – Completed

DAY 1, AUGUST 20: 120 miles accomplished! Took a little longer time wise as some of the team stopped at Glemorangie Distillery! Today the team had climbs that we're so hard, the only thing worse would be riding up a sheer rock face! There was one two mile climb so...

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Ride Update…

Hi guys, as some of you may know Sophia Skyers, Dan Dolby, Natasha Dolby, Steve Wright, Mark Gauld, Glen Holbroook & Viv Anderson (ex Notts Forest & England player) are doing a charity ride from JOHN O’GROATS to LANDS END over 7 days!!!! The ride is in support...

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The force is strong with this one! 

Lumisi are incredibly proud to be supporting everyone taking part in this years End2End charity cycle marathon.  My name is Luke, I first met Dan a long time ago, at a high school not too far far away... and over the next 28 years we became good friends, not because...

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Charity Ball Tickets on Sale

Saturday 7th October 2017 VENUE: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Lincoln Brayford Wharf North Lincoln LN1 1YW SUPPORTING: The Children’s Hospital Charity The Basil Skyers Foundation TICKECTS SALES: Tracy...

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Viv Anderson MBE joining the ride

Viv Anderson MBE, our Patron will be clocking the distance on our EndEnd2End, Myeloma – Multiple Miles charity cycle. The cycle which starts at John O’Groats on 20 August 2017, finishes at Land’s End, seven days later. The ride is the brainchild of Dan Dolby, one of...

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Biography – Glen Holbrook

So how did this all start for me. About a year ago I got a text from Dan with about 5 major events he wanted to undertake, and was I interested in doing any with him, and have been regretting my decision ever since... So having already done a 26 mile, 200 obstacle...

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Biography – Mark Gauld

Almost a year ago Daniel asked me if I would be interested in participating in a charity bike ride. I had started cycling again after hitting a milestone age of 40 in order to build up my stamina as I was currently racing motorcycles and struggling to keep up with the...

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Viv Anderson MBE

I am Patron of the Basil Skyers Myeloma Foundation, set up in memory of my Cousin, Basil Skyers after he died in 2010 of multiple myeloma which is a little known, blood cancer. My Cousin Basil had been ill for quite some time but it wasn't until November 2008 that he...

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Biography – Steve Wright

I have been a friend of Dan Dolby since we all worked together at Dixon Store Groups 15yrs ago. He told me back then about this idea of cycling JOGLE in just 7 days with friends and his dad so I followed it with great interest. I had wanted to do it myself but I was a...

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About – Basil Skyers Myeloma Foundation

The Basil Skyers Myeloma Foundation was set up in 2010 to provide services and practical support for patients with multiple myeloma, their families and carers. The Foundation has no paid staff and and is run entirely through the goodwill and voluntary efforts of those...

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Biography – Sophia Skyers

On 2 August at 12.13am, it will be seven years to the very moment since my brother Basil Joseph Skyers died of multiple myeloma, the second most common blood cancer. He was age 49. Seven long unrelenting years and as time has moved inexorably forward, it has been...

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