So how did this all start for me. About a year ago I got a text from Dan with about 5 major events he wanted to undertake, and was I interested in doing any with him, and have been regretting my decision ever since…

So having already done a 26 mile, 200 obstacle race with him, which I thought was a 12 mile Tough mudder. Here we are with the Myeloma-Multiple Miles bike ride.

I have known Dan since I was about 11 as he was in the same school year as my older sister. However, only really got to know Dan 15 years ago when I started working for DixonsCarphone (Mastercare then). Over those 15 years we have grown a great friendship, and been on a few adventures together. I was working with Dan when he did End2End the first time, and got to know his Dad a little during this time. I had planned to ride with Dan when he decided to do it a second time, but was unable to due to injury, and that has played on my mind ever since.

So while I regretted replying yes to the text for a short time, this has given me a great opportunity to complete something that I mentally started 8 years ago, meet some new amazing people who I now class as friends, and help raise awareness for a great charity.

Glen Holbrook

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