Almost a year ago Daniel asked me if I would be interested in participating in a charity bike ride.

I had started cycling again after hitting a milestone age of 40 in order to build up my stamina as I was currently racing motorcycles and struggling to keep up with the latest influx of 17 year olds. So why say yes to this incredible challenge?

I have known Daniel since he was born and have been good friends for almost forty years. Leigh Dolby (Daniel’s dad) was a very inspirational man to me. He was funny, sporty and hardworking whether that was with his family, business or raising money for charities. On the tenth anniversary of his death I see this as a fitting tribute to a great man. After saying yes… Well this has given me the fantastic opportunity to meet the rest of the team and what a team. While spending time in the saddle with these guys I have learned about the Basil Skyers Myeloma Foundation and the brilliant work they do and I’m proud to be associated with this project.

Mark Gauld

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