DAY 4, AUGUST 23: This was the longest and most arduous day which included 150 mile ride of The Shap with an elevation 1400ft climb. Weather pretty miserable too with high winds and rain. Everyone is at their limit and then going beyond it. The riders got battered going up the hill which added to the risk of going down the other side. The day was not all bad though, some of the riders including Sophia Skyers, had motivational visits from their families at Crewe. I (husband Clyde Morris) travelled up to Crewe and was joined by my father Lord Morris of Handsworth, & his wife Eileen, my nephew Dr Rohan Morris and his wife Sarah, and their enchanting baby daughter Ella. Needles to say Ella absolutely stole the show and soon everyone forgot all about aches and cycling etc for a few hours as these pictures show. No sleep till Lands End!


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