DAY 6, AUGUST 25: Today is the penultimate day and it looks as if the Team Basil Skyers End2End Myeloma – Multiple Miles will smash it! Watch out for the Grand Finale ‘Live’ tomorrow as Sophia Skyers & the team cycle towards the iconic landmark at Lands End. A 1,000 miles will have been completed for myeloma patients and carers in just 7 days. Importantly, a wider group of patients with other cancers and other chronic illnesses also directly benefit from the kind of interventions the charity can make.

The charity will have reached the mark and with the kind of financial support it has received, we will be able to make an indelible mark as a direct result of the kind of patient and carer initiatives we will be able to fund going forward. Your support is and has been central to this.

So, thank you so much for your support dear Facebook friends. Social media has certainly levelled the communication field for small charities like the Basil Skyers Foundation. Keep the messages coming. It is fabulous to have you on this epic journey of a lifetime with with us! Stick with us. The best is yet to come!

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Every little helps, thank you for your support

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