Lumisi are incredibly proud to be supporting everyone taking part in this years End2End charity cycle marathon. 

My name is Luke, I first met Dan a long time ago, at a high school not too far far away… and over the next 28 years we became good friends, not because we had a lot in common at first (Star Wars aside!). One of us was a tad better at actual sports, the other more a sensible soccer kind of guy. One of us had a bit of an eye for design, the other an eye for the ladies.

One thing we did have in common was our amazing dads. True gents, caring and a really good laugh, both will be forever remembered and deeply missed.

Leigh Dolby made me feel part of the family from day one, yet I don’t think he ever called me by my real name, referring to me as “Lord Lucan” (google it if you need) or skywalker! Anyway, going to the Dolbys on the way home from school was was always entertaining, there were a few games of MARIO Kart (which I won most of the time!), BBQs, street football, creating insanely big Lego cities and occasionally playing the odd prank on Dan’s little sister (Sorry Toni x).

But to be serious for a moment the thing that stands out the most (were Leigh’s pink trousers! Ha, they did but no… it’s how incredible Leigh was at raising money for others, through charity events for many good causes and always with a smile on his face no matter how hard the challenge.

It wasn’t long till Dan started joining in too. Long hours training, early starts (well Leigh anyway), swimming, canoeing, running and of course cycling!

I’d follow along on a few events, helping with Dan’s mum Anne as part of a well trained support crew, always there at the finish line with a couple of Tia Maria’s and cokes!

In 2006 Dan and Leigh upped the game with the first End2End – John ‘O Groats to Lands End cycle marathon. It had a few ups and downs, and I’m not talking about the hills but they made it, loved doing it and will remember it forever. During that trip, the team stayed over at my house in Chester, a few beers and some funny tales about the days riding is how I will remember Leigh.

So this year Dan not happy with just swimming lakes and running marathons, pains in his legs, back, neck, elbows (insert other operation game parts!) is back and he aims to complete the End2End ride with the team in just 7 days – wow! Your effort and commitment is unbelievable.

I don’t know everyone in the group as well as Dan, but wish you all the best in achieving the 7 day goal and hope you raise as much money as possible for the excellent charity the Basil Skyers Foundation. Leigh would have been very proud.

I’d ask all of you reading this – to please support the team by kindly donating at VirginMoney, because every little helps.

Best regards,

Luke Gooding
Creative Director, Lumisi Ltd

Every little helps, thank you for your support

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