DAY 5, AUGUST 24: Sometimes its hard to imagine that a ride as challenging as this can also be immense fun. But these pictures show that the team is in great spirits as they headed to Bristol yesterday and the final days of the ride. As you can see Sophia Skyers is always game for a laugh by wearing a silly hat which was passed to her by route planner Steve Wright As was noted on the trip Steve is a bit confused after 600 miles of riding? First he produces a silly hat now that he is south of the border? and its rumoured that he has taken to saying ‘Top of the morning to ya’ in his best accent when the ride has been nowhere near ireland?

Here is a link to some of the hi jinks that are now taking place as the team approaches the final days of this epic ride

Funny Video Alert !…/…/10155154375403736/

Friday August 25th) the team set off for a 112 mile ride to Okehampton and then Saturday for the last day of 110 miles to Lands End. Keep going guys, you are nearly there!


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